Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ask an International Guy of Mystery

Dear International Guy,
I'm confused because I heard from a friend in Des Moines that Donald Trump has won the Iowa Caucus, but I thought it hadn't happened yet. Am I right, or is he right?
Phil from Philomath, Oregon

Dear Phil,
I'd like to clear the air about this rumor: Trump won the Iowa Flatus (not Caucus) at the state fair this summer, an annual contest that follows pie-eating and swine judging. He blasted all competition in every category (auditory, olfactory, etc.), though many of his competitors are crying foul. Former winner Tommy "Toots" Thompson complained that nobody (judges, media, public) can tell the difference between Trump's speech and flatulence, so the competitors "didn't stand the chance of a fart in a tornado." Trump trumpeted back: "I'm probably a better person than you are."
I'd say you can't argue with success,can you?


  1. Hi Mr G. In August market analysts told us that the market wasn't crashing. Today economists said the market crash in August is the result of a currency war between China and the US. What do you say happened and can it be corrected with duct tape?

    1. This from my China source (a fortune cookie at Wing Sing Tavern in Philomath); Confucius says, the wise man doesn't holler, he just pays that dollar. Slip your shoe on and use that yuan. You gotta have a yen to go out and spend.

    2. Sage advice, and no need to waste tape.